New Games

If you're a flash game addict, you've probably played most of what's out there and you're always looking for something new. Or maybe you're the type who always likes to be in the know about what's new. Either way, this page is for you. Don't waste your time scrolling through page after page of games you've already played and mastered a hundred times, or games that are already so old your grandmother has heard of them. Come to the New Games page to see only the newest flash games on the Internet.

As soon as a new game is created and acquired by, we'll get it to the New Games section so it's easy for you to find. We will add new games of all types and that appeal to all players. Play all the new games until they're old. Then come back again and come straight to the games that have been recently added. As long as people keep creating new flash games, we'll keep putting them up here to keep you entertained.