Top Rated Games

See which games are getting the highest ratings from your peers. The games in this section have frustrated the fewest people and entertained the most. People finish playing these games with a good feeling – a good enough feeling to give the game a high rating. If you would rather bypass any game that might make you scream with rage, pound your fists on your keyboard and give the game the lowest rating possible, this page has been set up to make it easier for you.

A game that gets a high rating should be rewarded, and our way of rewarding top-rated games is to put them here. Lucky for the players, this makes it easier to sift through games of higher and lower quality. If you like the system of rating games high or low, make sure to rate games after you play them. Lend your voice to the Internet and help your peers find the games they're most likely to enjoy. Then reap the benefits of the rating system and come to the Top Rated Games section for easy access to the games with the highest ratings.